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    After thirty years of hard work and persistent struggle, AFS always walks on their own, extraordinary development road,and gradually grows into a leading domestic and international valve manufacturer.


Staff value
    AFS actively creates a good working atmosphere; establishes a sound training system and create favorable conditions for employees; motivates employees to constantly improve themselves, innovation, accept the challenge with courage, responsibility, self realization.


Enterprise value
    Through continuous product and management innovation, AFS continuously improve the quality of products and services, and take customer satisfaction as the overall goal of enterprise development. As one of the world's most important manufacturers of industrial valves, AFS has establishes a superior brand value in its field.


Society responsibility
    Recent years, through continuous technological innovation, AFS developed a series of environmental friendly type valve, which has made important contributions in the global energy conservation and sustainable development.


    AFS integrated the staff value, enterprise value, society responsibility together and formed its own unique corporate culture, which has won recognition of society and staff. Then a positive centripetal force and power formed in the company inside and outside, which made us today's success and brilliant tomorrow.